St Vincent’s Lismore Quarterly Patient Survey Program


St Vincent’s Lismore is committed to seeking out and listening to the views of our patients. We acknowledge this is essential to providing patient-centred care and health services.

St Vincent’s Lismore commenced a quarterly patient survey program in early 2016 to systematically gain more in-depth insight into the care experiences of our patients.


Why did I receive a questionnaire?

If you were a patient at St Vincent’s Lismore, you may receive a patient questionnaire in the mail. The questionnaire is sent to 500 randomly selected patients at the end of each quarter period (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December).

The questionnaire asks a range of questions regarding the care, services and quality and safety systems that you were provided or part of. The questionnaire also gives you an opportunity to tell us about your personal experiences – what you liked and what you think we could improve on.


Do I have to complete the questionnaire?

You do not have to complete the questionnaire if you don’t want to. Participation in the survey is voluntary however the greater number of responses we receive, the more accurate the survey findings are in terms of being able to assess how we are performing.

Therefore we really do value your time and participation.


Do I have to answer every question?

Please answer as many questions as you can. If you do not wish to answer a question please leave it blank – your responses to other questions is still extremely useful.

Some questions may also not be relevant to you, in this case please select the N/A check box next to the question.


Why haven’t I received a questionnaire? How do I get one?

The questionnaire is sent to a selection of people picked at random.

St Vincent’s Lismore welcomes feedback at any time and can be done so through on the Contact Us page.


How did you get my name and address?

Patients’ names are selected randomly from the list of patients registered at St Vincent’s Lismore. The quarterly patient survey program is managed within the Hospital and therefore no third party is involved.


Is my doctor or healthcare professional involved in this survey?

Your doctor is not directly involved and will not have access to individual responses. The overall results of the survey are provided and used within the Hospital however only done in ways in which no individuals are identified.


Will I be identified in the results?

No. Survey reports are produced to ensure responses remain anonymous using statistics.

If you choose to identify yourself through open comments these will be removed and not used in the public domain.


How will the survey data be used?

The quarterly patient survey reports will be provided to the Patient Care Committee, Consumer Advisory Group and Board of Directors for information and action planning on relevant matters.