Preparing for admission

We are committed to making your experience, the best experience. 

Preparing for your admission

Anaesthetic assessment

If you are to have an operation, your doctor may refer you to an Anaesthetist.  We strongly advise you to contact your Anaesthetist to discuss the need for an appointment prior to your hospital admission date. This pre-admission consultation can save time on the day of surgery and allows your Anaesthetist to be thoroughly informed about your medical history and current health status so that you are provided with the safest possible care.  Anaesthetist fees are separate from the hospital account.

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The day before your admission

Telephone St Vincent’s Lismore on 02 6627 9223 for your admission time and fasting information.

For endoscopy unit patients (colonoscopy or gastroscopy), please call from 11am.

For all other patients, please call from 2pm.

Have a pen and piece of paper ready to write down these details as it is extremely important these instructions are followed.

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Packing for your Hospital stay

What to bring to Hospital when staying overnight (or longer):

  • Medicare Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Pension Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • Health Fund Membership Card
  • Pharmacy Entitlement Card eg: Safety Net Card
  • Veterans Affairs Card
  • Workers’ Compensation claim/s agent details and approval letter
  • Third party/accident details
  • All medications currently being taken, in original packaging
  • A list of all medications from your GP (preferably typed)
  • All medication repeat prescriptions
  • Prescription Record Form
  • Copies of legal documents e.g. Medical decisions, Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial), Enduring Power of Guardianship (Personal Decisions), Advance Care Directive
  • Loose fitting clothes and sensible shoes
  • sleepwear, dressing gown and slippers or comfortable shoes
  • Personal toiletries (e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, soap)
  • Relevant X-rays and/or scans
  • Small change for incidentals eg: magazines, confectionary etc.
  • Any aids you use eg: crutches, glasses, contact lenses, hearing aid (with spare batteries), CPAP machines, etc.
  • Credit card or cheque book to settle your account
  • For children – favourite toy, dummies, bottles etc.
  • PLEASE DO NOT BRING any valuables, property or large amounts of cash as the hospital cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any personal items

What to bring to Hospital for day surgery

  • Private Health Fund Card, for holders of private health insurance
  • Medicare Card, Pension Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or Health Care Card, Safety Net Card, Veterans Affairs Card
  • ALL medications currently being taken
  • Relevant X-rays and or scans
  • Favourite toy / dummies etc. for children
  • Credit Card or cheque book etc. to settle any outstanding accounts
  • PLEASE DO NOT BRING any valuables, property or large amounts of cash as the hospital cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any personal items

What NOT to bring to Hospital

  • Jewellery, valuables, property or large amounts of cash as the hospital cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any personal items.
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The day of your surgery

On the day of your surgery please do the following:

  • Prior to leaving home, have a shower or bath and use a clean towel to dry off (this is an infection control requirement).
  • Do NOT use any deodorant, powders, creams, moisturisers, makeup, nail polish or jewellery (a wedding ring may be worn)

The above are infection control requirements and it is important they are carried out.

Day surgery patients must arrange for a support person to bring you to hospital and to pick you up (you will not be allowed to drive for 24 hours after your anaesthetic) as well as stay with you on the first night after your operation. Please discuss with the preadmission nurse if this is not possible.

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Where to go for admission

Admissions is located in the entrance off Avondale Avenue (it can also be accessed from Dalley Street). Parking is available in this area and a pickup / drop off / disabled parking area is located to the right of the entrance. For patients unable to use the steps there is a lift from ground level directly in front of the disabled parking area.

For endoscopy unit patients, the admissions area is located on level 3 of the medical centre via the Dalley Street entrance.

For those attending the private day surgery in Uralba St Lismore, there is off street parking for drop off and pick up.

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Preparing for after the procedure/operation

After your operation you will be transferred to recovery for immediate post-operative care.

Day surgery patients will be transferred to the second stage recovery room and accommodated in a comfortable recliner chair.  As soon as you feel like refreshments you will be offered tea or coffee, sandwiches and a dessert.  Special needs diets are also provided on request.

Patients staying overnight will then be transferred to their room. For information during your overnight stay please refer to the During your stay page.

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