Book My Admission

Booking in for your admission

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Your doctor’s rooms will advise the Hospital of the date of your admission and operation. Your doctor will give you a clear explanation of your operation and complete the consent form with you so that you understand what is involved and any associated risks.

When you have completed the forms required, please deliver or post the required admission forms to the Hospital as soon as convenient.

Please note the Hospital requires you to send all pages from the tear-out section with the remainder of the book to be kept by you as an information resource.

A staff member from the Pre-Admission team will contact you to arrange a Pre-Admission assessment, either over the phone or face-to-face, depending on the type of surgery.

If you are unable to attend due to distance, please advise the staff member at time of first contact.

The Pre-Admission assessment will ensure your admission goes as smoothly as possible.

At your appointment the Pre-Admission staff will:

  • confirm the date of admission and confirm all your personal details
  • confirm Health Fund details and any amounts not covered by your Fund (an informed financial consent will be required to be signed on admission)
  • advise you of the hospital charges if not covered by a Fund (an informed financial consent will be required to be signed on admission)
  • commence Radiology and Pathology work up if required
  • conduct a nursing assessment and also answer any further queries you may have about your procedure or admission, including any preparation that may be needed in the days leading up to your admission